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I have been using PlayOn software to view online content via my XBOX for about 6 months now and while it is really cool I dont find myself using it as much as I thought I would. However one thing I have enjoyed is using it to view last years MIX 2010 content that someone provided a plugin script for. However as of MIX 2011 they reformatted the website and now the previous plugin does not work.

So this prompted me to take a look at the PlayOn API and see if I could either fix the script or create a new one. In the process of things I decided to write my own. If you are using PlayOn premium feel free to download and install my plugin to view the MIX 2011 sessions. 

It is truly a joy to sit in front of my TV instead of my computer and watch these sessions. When you access the MIX 2011 channel you will see it grouped by All Sessions - Provides a entire list of all sessions, By Category - groups each of the sessions based on the category it falls under, By Speaker - groups each of the videos by the speaker

MIX2011.plugin (30.50 kb)

To install download the file and then open your playon software and go to the Plugins tab. At the bottom of that screen click Install and browse out to the file.

**** UPDATE ****

Just updated the download with a new version that supports checking for updates and cached the RSS feed so that subsequent access to the sessions is very quick.

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  • Very cool.  I was just about to update the scripts when I saw you had created this.  I wish there was a way I could have users auto update to your plugin.  I have updated my scripts with a link to your pages.

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