eBay suspends my account

I had created an account with eBay back in the beginning and had not used it in a long time. I reset my password because I had forgotten it and upon login I was informed my account had been suspended. I sent them a request to reactivate it and received this response. What has happened to this company? Who treats their customers like this?

——— eBay response ——-

Thanks for your email. I can see clearly that you wanted to know why your account was suspended and that you wanted to appeal its suspension. I have reviewed your account and I found out that it was suspended because the pattern of activities exhibits a risk to eBay and to its community.

As eBay is an internet-based business, and its members are our customers, we have to carefully weigh the risks involved with allowing users on our site. From time to time, we find buying, selling or registration patterns, which posts certain risks that no longer justifies a continuing relationship with our platform. When that happens, we suspend these accounts indefinitely, which includes buying and selling. We have determined that it is in our mutual best interest to part ways.

We regret any frustration or inconvenience this matter may cause you. There is no appeal for this decision. From this point forward, in order to conduct business on the internet, you will have to find a different venue.

Please keep in mind that, if we find associated accounts, they will also be suspended with no chance for appeals.

I know this is not the answer you are hoping for, but this is our final decision. We wish you luck on your future endeavors and we’ll fervently hope for your success.

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