ASP.NET MVC Tutorials

Over the last week I have been playing around with the latest ASP.NET MVC 2 RC framework available here 

So far I feel like I have gone backwards from the rich UI development environment of ASP.NET Webforms. However as I write more an more code and look over more examples I am finding the main benefit is total control over what is output to the browser and very testable. Testing has been something I have avoided so far when it comes to webforms because of the complex approach of having to simulate the browser.

Today I was about to write up some blog posts about my experience so far and some of things I found helped me get started. However I also found a great resource today that explains exactly what I was going to write about and then some. Whoever wrote these articles thinks exactly like I do and did a fantastic job of explaining how to use MVC.

Take a look at this site

I plan on writting several applications using MVC to get myself more familiar and will then be posting some articles showing the same application written in winforms and mvc so that I can compare the advantages of each.

Here is the list of Applications I plan to build. Note each of them pretty simple apps.

Knowledgebase Application - Will allow creating / search of knowledge base information similiar to the microsoft knowledgebase available at

Download Center - Will allow simple management for publishing documents/software that need to be made available for download. Will be similiar to


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