Calling ASMX .net Web Service using jQuery

Just started to pick up jquery recently and was playing with calling a .net web service from my page. Was really easy once I used Firefox Firebug to do my debugging and figure out some of the variable names to use to access my data.

Here is my final code

Javascript in page

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
type: "POST",
url: "default.asmx/GetCatalog",
cache: false,
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
data: "{}",
dataType: "json",
success: handleSuccess,
error: handleError

function handleSuccess(data, status) {
for (var count in data.d) {
' <strong>Book:</strong> ' + data.d[count].BookName +
' <strong>Author:</strong> ' + data.d[count].Author +
                ' <br />');


function handleError(xmlRequest) {
alert(xmlRequest.status + ' \n\r '
+ xmlRequest.statusText + '\n\r'
+ xmlRequest.responseText);

and the div that I write the content to

<b>Books List</b>
<div id="bookTitles">

and my Web Service and Class Catalog

public Catalog[] GetCatalog()
Catalog[] catalog = new Catalog[1];
Catalog cat = new Catalog();
cat.Author = "Jim";
cat.BookName ="His Book";
catalog.SetValue(cat, 0);
return catalog;


public class Catalog
public string Author;
public string BookName;

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